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Sunday, 29. May 2016
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Action Points:   
Clean or Replace Furnace Filters
Cleaning or replacing a dirty air filter on your furnace can save 350 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

Action Points:   
Prevent "Standby Leakage"
A study showed that standby usage ranged from six percent to 26 percent of a homes' annual electricity use

Action Points:   
"Climate change is happening ... it is man-made and ... it is dangerous... "
David Miliband
(UK Secretary of State for the Environment)

Global warming is a reality. You've probably noticed the difference between the arguments that took place a decade ago and now. The deniers have become fewer in number and less vocal. Having increasingly pumped carbon dioxide into the earth's atmosphere for over a century, the environmental cost is now becoming all too apparent.

We therefore find ourselves at a critical point in history. This is no longer a problem just for our grandchildren, but one that is bringing about global change right now. It will impact all of our lives to one degree or another.

Governments attempt to legislate, and some corporations are beginning to make genuine attempts to reduce their carbon emissions. But the problem is now too great to be solved without responsible individuals changing their behaviour in order to reduce environmental impact at all levels.

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